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200.000 FIFA 21 Coins PS4 - Comfort Trade

200.000 FIFA 21 Coins PS4 - Comfort Trade
Hot --900 %
200.000 FIFA 21 Coins PS4 - Comfort Trade
Buy 200.000 FIFA 21 FUT Coins for Playstation 4 using our proven Comfort Trade service

* Make sure you have at least 10.000 coins as starting balance.

* Create backup codes
Go to and login.
Go to: My Account - Privacy Settings - Security - View Backup Codes
Copy and paste these codes into the text box.

Having some troubles creating backup codes? Fill the textbox in with: Futstore will create codes.

VERY IMPORTANT!: Don't login on your FUT account on the Playstation or Companion app! This is dangerous and it will slowdown the process tremendously.

Fill in all the details above, you'll receive an email when the process is complete.

Note:After the order is complete we recommend to change your password and use up all the coins you've acquired.

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