FUT SBC Squad Building Challenge Service

FUT SBC Squad Building Challenge Service
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FUT SBC Squad Building Challenge Service

Do you hate to find and buy players to solve your Squad Building Challenges?
Or are you struggling to solve a particular challenge?

Then use our FUT SBC Squad Building Solving Service!

How does it work?

* Choose the number of Squad Building Challenges you want us to solve.

* Indicate the name or names of the Challenges.

* Enter your EA Account / Origin details.

* Create backup codes
Go to https://www.origin.com - Log in to Origin
Go to: My Account - Privacy Settings - Security - View backup codes.
You enter these codes at backup codes. Please copy and paste at least 4 backup codes.

You don't see a backup code option?
Turn on Origin login verification and this option will appear.

Are you unable to create backup codes? No problem, fill it with: "Please help me create codes."
IMPORTANT : You must have enough coins on your account so that we can immediately start buying players and solve the SBC
Don't you have enough coins yet or do you want us to top up your account with coins as well?

Please order some coins with this order so we can do both which saves a lot of time.